Avant Garbage Mix #1

by Thomas Agora

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A couple of tracks that have no place else to be.

1. Pipe Dreams (Remaster) (0:00)
2. Only With Norton's Mom (1:54)
3. Generative Audio 1 (3:53)
4. Crazy Bus Tribute (4:50)
5. Excess Circuit Jams (6:31)
6. Machina (7:34)
7: Generative Audio 2 (8:50)
8. Untrained Jams (9:50)
9. Everything But the Kitchen Sink (11:44)
10. Chance Piece X (Reversed) (13:50)


released September 10, 2014
Keenan - Guitar, synth, programming, drums, screaming, circuits
Troy B (soundcloud.com/troy-bohman) - Opinions on music (track 1)
Robert H (xrayaudio.bandcamp.com) - Synth (track 8)
Justin K (soundcloud.com/midisoftdeluxe) - Synth (tracks 4 and 8)



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Thomas Agora Bellingham, Washington

My focus is the mood and emotions hidden in the infinite textures of sound. This music might not make you dance, but it will make you ponder.

Thomas Agora is also a side project of Keenan Ketzner, who's album "7 Years Later," "Ancient Resonating Machine," "Please, Don't Cry" and "Dwindle" as part of the TA mythology, though a bit more primordial.
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